“What If?” Three Ways

“Mid-life is where dreams go to die,” I told my friend.  She laughed before realizing I was being serious.  We were sitting in a modern coffee shop perched halfway up a mountain Morgantown, West Virginia. Nothing like watching college students in their yoga pants and crop tops wandering in and out to make one feelContinue reading ““What If?” Three Ways”

Reading Round Up

These are the books I finished at the end of August… The Prayer God Answers by Eberhard Arnold & Richard Foster I found this free e-book through Plough publishing and checked it out in hopes of sharing it with a particular person in the congregation. Written in two parts, it’s first the writings of ArnoldContinue reading “Reading Round Up”

Reading Round Up– July (Part 4)

Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier I read this in 24 hours because I had to know what was going to happen next. I didn’t read the jacket cover (or remember where I got the recommendation) but the book didn’t unfold as I expected based on the first chapter. However, an engrossing thriller that doesn’t getContinue reading “Reading Round Up– July (Part 4)”