From Surviving to Thriving

Anxiety and exhaustion can plague us when our resources are in high demand. Using Psalm 139 to guide our reflections, we will explore grounding practices that nurture our wellbeing in the midst of the many caregiving roles we fulfill over on my collaborative devotional project Some Comfort and Joy. In our series introduction, Gwen writes:Continue reading “From Surviving to Thriving”


The capstone of the Christmas season in the liturgical tradition is Epiphany– the church festival that commemorates the coming of the Magi. Epiphany celebrates light, creativity, and revelation. For the next seven weeks, Gwen & I will be offering an journey through this liturgical season. You can follow along at Some Comfort and Joy toContinue reading “Epiphany”

How Can This Be? Christmas, Calling and the New Year

“Our class still gets to do the nativity scene,” my son shared over breakfast.  “I’m going to be a wise man,” he declared proudly. “We each got to choose what part we wanted. All the girls wanted to be Mary.”  My son’s pageant excitement sparked my own imagination. Perhaps as a seven-year-old girl, being MaryContinue reading “How Can This Be? Christmas, Calling and the New Year”

Divine Intervention

We read about God’s action in the past through scripture.  We experience God’s presence with us now through the Holy Spirit, and we live in hope of Jesus’ coming again. But these familiar truths can become lost in the comfort and routine of our ordinary days.  The people of God in the first century, those whoContinue reading “Divine Intervention”

Ordinary Time

We find ourselves in the last stretch of ordinary time.  Soon we are moving into Advent: the coming. A season of preparation; a time of anticipation. In advent we mirror the ancient wait for the birth of the Savior, but we also join with all of creation in waiting for the second coming of ChristContinue reading “Ordinary Time”

Conversations with Silence

Change, upheaval, grief and disappointment have all been significant components of my 2021.  As we move into the final weeks of the year, my hopeful and aspirational word(s) for the year– create + release, have fallen to the background, and the words cozy + less have been coming to the fore. I set a fewContinue reading “Conversations with Silence”

Book Review: Lovers in the Wilderness

“No one escapes the wilderness on the way to the promised land.” – Annie Dillard While I’d like to leave the wilderness themes behind me now that we are through the liturgical season of lent, this biblical image repeats and resonates in a variety of ways. Moving now into a transition season in our familyContinue reading “Book Review: Lovers in the Wilderness”

Grief Work (Still)

Last year I wrote and posted this poem in the last weeks of my mother-in-law’s life. I revisit (update) and share these observations and hopes as we now find ourselves living the third stanza. Then As buds bloomed As grass greened As the horse and plow turned the soft dirt in neat rows We wonderedContinue reading “Grief Work (Still)”