Blessed be the Holders

I wrote this poem just weeks into the quarantine and isolation forced by the global pandemic. Now as we move into the stages of “languishing” and “pandemic senioritis” the need for these words of recognition and blessing remain. Oh to be a child again To have lap to crawl into when the world overwhelms ToContinue reading “Blessed be the Holders”


Painted Sky: a morning poem of awareness + blessing

Would I have noticed the sky this morning   if I hadn’t been dashing out with the trash can between frying the eggs and packing backpacks?   Would I have noticed how black turns to gentle grey; how soft pink creeps in and bleeds to orange    if I had been lying awake long before the alarmContinue reading “Painted Sky: a morning poem of awareness + blessing”

Ordinary Morning…

Alarm clock buzz Feet into slippers Heat the water Grind the beans Socks for one Hairbrush for the other Lunches and water bottles Reading minutes logged Sunrise fills the kitchen Kettle whistles Breakfast served Dress for work and school Shoes and coats Backpacks and tote bags Hugs and kisses Seatbelts and car door slams ReverseContinue reading “Ordinary Morning…”