Book Review: Birthing the Holy

The organization I work for has found itself in a threshold season. As Christine Valters Paintner writes in her newest book, Birthing the Holy: Wisdom from Mary to Nurture Creativity and Renewal, “Thresholds are liminal times when the past season has come to a close but there is a profound unknowing of what will comeContinue reading “Book Review: Birthing the Holy”

How Can This Be? Christmas, Calling and the New Year

“Our class still gets to do the nativity scene,” my son shared over breakfast.  “I’m going to be a wise man,” he declared proudly. “We each got to choose what part we wanted. All the girls wanted to be Mary.”  My son’s pageant excitement sparked my own imagination. Perhaps as a seven-year-old girl, being MaryContinue reading “How Can This Be? Christmas, Calling and the New Year”