A blessing for those who pastor us

We have embarked on the journey of discipleship. And we have answered the call to pastoral ministry.  Some days we feel we are on pilgrimage Some days we feel we are wandering in the wilderness But wherever we go, God is with us.  Sometimes we are placed Sometimes we are sent Sometimes we are calledContinue reading “A blessing for those who pastor us”


Prayers for My People: Do You Love Me?

For God so loved the world… Jesus came to be among and with us And that love, represented in the life of Christ is eternal God loves us with an everlasting love.  Love is patient. Love is kind.  God is love To Peter, Jesus asks: Do you love me? Lord, you know all things ToContinue reading “Prayers for My People: Do You Love Me?”

A Blessing: for when you are living a nightmare

When fear lodges in your throat When anxiety crouches at your feet When the monster of what if sits on you chest May you stay present to what is, not catastrophizing When you are holding on to the end of your rope When you cannot see a path forward, a way through May you refuseContinue reading “A Blessing: for when you are living a nightmare”