Thanks for Being Here: Uncle Dan

I love listening to Kelly Corrigan’s podcast. For the last while she has a short post each Sunday morning entitled “Thanks for Being Here” in which she reads a tribute submitted about someone’s loved one. I’m sure that was part of the swirl that prompted me to process my Uncle’s illness and death in thisContinue reading “Thanks for Being Here: Uncle Dan”

Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 3)

This is not the story I thought I’d be living.  And yet here we are.  What can be done to help the caregivers around us? How can we protect our health and well-being as we care for our families? What can we do to make caregiving sustainable?  Here are a few ideas This is theContinue reading “Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 3)”

Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 2)

I’m not a caregiving expert, but I am a person with a caregiving experience.  In my previous post I set forth some context for caregivers. It’s my hope that as you find yourself in a story you wouldn’t choose to be living, you can experience compassion and grace for yourself as you realize you areContinue reading “Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 2)”

Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 1)

We know death comes for us all. There is no escaping it. But when you or a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis, everything changes.  Suddenly, this isn’t the story I thought I’d be living. I don’t expect you to care about my particular story, I told the caregivers gathered in the church fellowship hallContinue reading “Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 1)”

For Everything A Season

I was invited to preach at Orrville Mennonite Church on Sunday, November 14, 2021. This is part of the message I shared, reflecting on the practice of re-membering: putting back together the stories of our lives in faith.  There are many things that the experience of a global pandemic has revealed. For me, one suchContinue reading “For Everything A Season”

No Return Policy (a poem about grief)

Grief is a roller coaster Trapped on a ride you didn’t choose Raising existential questions on a mundane Tuesday afternoon Grief is a marathon Tears unbidden as you unload the dishwasher and fold laundry  Unfinished business rising without hope of a pretty bow Grief is a runaway train Relentlessly rolling over anything in its pathContinue reading “No Return Policy (a poem about grief)”

Liminal: a poem for lent

I got up early  To watch the sun rise Grounding practice Will these dry bones live? I write Because I have to I wake Because sleep won’t come The pain is fierce A reminder: the body keeps the score What is hope? What about all the ashes? What about now  When you are the oneContinue reading “Liminal: a poem for lent”