From Surviving to Thriving

**This is a sneak peek of the first in our From Surviving to Thriving devotional series over at Some Comfort and Joy. Be sure to subscribe here to receive the entire series free in your inbox this fall! “O Lord, you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and whenContinue reading “From Surviving to Thriving”

Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 3)

This is not the story I thought I’d be living.  And yet here we are.  What can be done to help the caregivers around us? How can we protect our health and well-being as we care for our families? What can we do to make caregiving sustainable?  Here are a few ideas This is theContinue reading “Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 3)”

Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 2)

I’m not a caregiving expert, but I am a person with a caregiving experience.  In my previous post I set forth some context for caregivers. It’s my hope that as you find yourself in a story you wouldn’t choose to be living, you can experience compassion and grace for yourself as you realize you areContinue reading “Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 2)”

Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 1)

We know death comes for us all. There is no escaping it. But when you or a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis, everything changes.  Suddenly, this isn’t the story I thought I’d be living. I don’t expect you to care about my particular story, I told the caregivers gathered in the church fellowship hallContinue reading “Unchosen Journeys: Caregiving (Part 1)”

Book Review: The Soul’s Slow Ripening

“The longest journey seems to be the letting go of the expectations, the assumptions, the woundedness; all of the ways we seek just what we are looking for rather than what is waiting to be revealed.” (Christine Valters Paintner, The Soul’s Slow Ripening) The early days of the pandemic came just a few weeks intoContinue reading “Book Review: The Soul’s Slow Ripening”

For Everything A Season

I was invited to preach at Orrville Mennonite Church on Sunday, November 14, 2021. This is part of the message I shared, reflecting on the practice of re-membering: putting back together the stories of our lives in faith.  There are many things that the experience of a global pandemic has revealed. For me, one suchContinue reading “For Everything A Season”

Conversations with Silence

Change, upheaval, grief and disappointment have all been significant components of my 2021.  As we move into the final weeks of the year, my hopeful and aspirational word(s) for the year– create + release, have fallen to the background, and the words cozy + less have been coming to the fore. I set a fewContinue reading “Conversations with Silence”

The Courage to Go (Book Review)

Growing up in the church (the oldest daughter in a pastors’ family, nonetheless) I am well acquainted with the joys and challenges of being part of a tight-knit community of faith. As an Anabaptist Mennonite, I deeply understand the value (and risks) in the high priority of community.  This past Sunday, in my sermon, IContinue reading “The Courage to Go (Book Review)”

Painted Sky: a morning poem of awareness + blessing

Would I have noticed the sky this morning   if I hadn’t been dashing out with the trash can between frying the eggs and packing backpacks?   Would I have noticed how black turns to gentle grey; how soft pink creeps in and bleeds to orange    if I had been lying awake long before the alarmContinue reading “Painted Sky: a morning poem of awareness + blessing”