How Can This Be? Christmas, Calling and the New Year

“Our class still gets to do the nativity scene,” my son shared over breakfast.  “I’m going to be a wise man,” he declared proudly. “We each got to choose what part we wanted. All the girls wanted to be Mary.”  My son’s pageant excitement sparked my own imagination. Perhaps as a seven-year-old girl, being MaryContinue reading “How Can This Be? Christmas, Calling and the New Year”

Holy Terror

Apparently being chosen by God for something wonderful is also a bit scary. Think about it– every time angels show up, there is the admonition to “fear not!”  Have you ever noticed how often through the nativity story (and scripture as a whole) people are told to fear not? This thread of response leads meContinue reading “Holy Terror”

Divine Intervention

We read about God’s action in the past through scripture.  We experience God’s presence with us now through the Holy Spirit, and we live in hope of Jesus’ coming again. But these familiar truths can become lost in the comfort and routine of our ordinary days.  The people of God in the first century, those whoContinue reading “Divine Intervention”

Advent Hope

Sometimes, familiarity is reassuring. Like traditions, familiar stories and routines can make us feel safe and secure. It’s why little kids like reading the same book over and over and over again. It’s predictable. They know what to expect and what will happen. It’s soothing and satisfying. But, sometimes, familiarity can be boring; repetition canContinue reading “Advent Hope”

Holiday Season Blessing

May you honor the unexpected gifts of delight, even when they are born of grief. May you savor the joy and goodness of the now, even as the season change looms. May all that you bring to this day from seasons past enliven this one. May all that you choose to carry on from todayContinue reading “Holiday Season Blessing”

Prayers for my People (Christmas)

When the light is dim And we wonder… Remind us that you come to us For we are waiting When faithfulness means movement, fear and upheaval May we still be faithful When the Good News threatens those in power and the status quo May we still be faithful When your kingdom revelation is obscured and slow inContinue reading “Prayers for my People (Christmas)”

A Christmas Story

How can this be?  He wonders to himself She says aloud They exclaim excitedly together How can this be?  They lean into each other as they gently wrap the babe They blink their unbelieving eyes as the glory shines around They go with haste How can this be?  They wonder as they mount camels HeContinue reading “A Christmas Story”

The Promise of Advent

Prophecy is only good news to those who are hurting– a word of hope to the lamenting, to those who are longing There is only resurrection when there has been a death Hope is only an act of faith when the circumstances reek of despair The welcome and warning of advent: Things will change ItContinue reading “The Promise of Advent”

Prayers for my People (Advent 4)

When the light is dim And we wonder… Remind us that you come to us For we are waiting Even when we are afraid May we follow your leading Even when we feel inadequate May we respond to your invitation May our witness bring joy and amazement and may we loudly proclaim together:  Glory to God inContinue reading “Prayers for my People (Advent 4)”

Prayers for my People (Advent 3)

When the light is dim And we wonder… Remind us that you come to us For we are waiting Sometimes your signs and wonders and perplexing  And we are afraid In the face of bold proclamation, may we remember  Nothing is impossible with You You keep hope alive You fulfill your promises May we holdContinue reading “Prayers for my People (Advent 3)”