Holiday Season Blessing

May you honor the unexpected gifts of delight, even when they are born of grief. May you savor the joy and goodness of the now, even as the season change looms. May all that you bring to this day from seasons past enliven this one. May all that you choose to carry on from todayContinue reading “Holiday Season Blessing”


Liminal: a poem for lent

I got up early  To watch the sun rise Grounding practice Will these dry bones live? I write Because I have to I wake Because sleep won’t come The pain is fierce A reminder: the body keeps the score What is hope? What about all the ashes? What about now  When you are the oneContinue reading “Liminal: a poem for lent”

The Promise of Advent

Prophecy is only good news to those who are hurting– a word of hope to the lamenting, to those who are longing There is only resurrection when there has been a death Hope is only an act of faith when the circumstances reek of despair The welcome and warning of advent: Things will change ItContinue reading “The Promise of Advent”

The End of November

The last bright yellow leaves wave against the grey skies Muted colors in shades of brown Good riddance to you November With your demanded gratitude and decay Growing darkness and chilling winds The holding pattern cannot last Soon it will be the season of hibernation and quiet Then the work done in secret begins AllContinue reading “The End of November”