Book Review: Audio Books

This year, I have tried two new things in my reading life. First, I overcame my resistance to learning new technology and downloaded the Storygraph app.  While I was perfectly content with my paper-and-pen-book journal for logging what I had read, I have to say the graphed data this provides is pretty interesting. And, I’veContinue reading “Book Review: Audio Books”

Book Review: Lovers in the Wilderness

“No one escapes the wilderness on the way to the promised land.” – Annie Dillard While I’d like to leave the wilderness themes behind me now that we are through the liturgical season of lent, this biblical image repeats and resonates in a variety of ways. Moving now into a transition season in our familyContinue reading “Book Review: Lovers in the Wilderness”

Reading Round Up

Black Widow by Leslie Gray Streeter I bought this book for myself months ago after listening to an interview with the author. I love memoir, and this was a beautiful read about loss, race, parenthood and identity. We Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth by Jennifer Risher This is a thought provoking memoir/self-improvement book.Continue reading “Reading Round Up”