Ordinary Morning…

Alarm clock buzz Feet into slippers Heat the water Grind the beans Socks for one Hairbrush for the other Lunches and water bottles Reading minutes logged Sunrise fills the kitchen Kettle whistles Breakfast served Dress for work and school Shoes and coats Backpacks and tote bags Hugs and kisses Seatbelts and car door slams ReverseContinue reading “Ordinary Morning…”

A Christmas Story

How can this be?  He wonders to himself She says aloud They exclaim excitedly together How can this be?  They lean into each other as they gently wrap the babe They blink their unbelieving eyes as the glory shines around They go with haste How can this be?  They wonder as they mount camels HeContinue reading “A Christmas Story”

Prayers for my People (Advent 3)

When the light is dim And we wonder… Remind us that you come to us For we are waiting Sometimes your signs and wonders and perplexing  And we are afraid In the face of bold proclamation, may we remember  Nothing is impossible with You You keep hope alive You fulfill your promises May we holdContinue reading “Prayers for my People (Advent 3)”