Reading Roundup: Thrillers

The other week some of my friends from college were vacationing nearby and inquired about getting together. Between the pandemic and moving, my hostess skills are a bit rusty (and it wasn’t great that our dishwasher was broken that night. Why did I serve something that required bowls and plates for dinner?!), but we hadContinue reading “Reading Roundup: Thrillers”

Prayers for my People (Advent 4)

When the light is dim And we wonder… Remind us that you come to us For we are waiting Even when we are afraid May we follow your leading Even when we feel inadequate May we respond to your invitation May our witness bring joy and amazement and may we loudly proclaim together:  Glory to God inContinue reading “Prayers for my People (Advent 4)”

Reading Round Up– July (Part 4)

Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier I read this in 24 hours because I had to know what was going to happen next. I didn’t read the jacket cover (or remember where I got the recommendation) but the book didn’t unfold as I expected based on the first chapter. However, an engrossing thriller that doesn’t getContinue reading “Reading Round Up– July (Part 4)”