Advent on the Farm

Last night, I hosted a simple advent retreat here on the farm. Friends and family gathered to share and reflect, preparing for this special time of year. While I can’t share the seasonal treats I baked for the evening, for those interested I thought I would share an excerpt from the retreat guide I provided. Continue reading “Advent on the Farm”


Book Review: So Fill Our Imaginations

“If the parables of Jesus…are meant to be ‘destabilizing’…and if they work according to ‘a pattern of orientation, disorientation, and reorientation’…we should be made uncomfortable,” theology professor and occasional preacher Mark Lloyd Taylor remarks in one of the sermons featured in this collection.  As a closing reflection on the parable of the talents, I flaggedContinue reading “Book Review: So Fill Our Imaginations”

Into the Mess: Book Review

Written in short reflections on pericipes of scripture, I had intended to savor Into the Mess & Other Jesus Stories devotionally, reading one per day. But, I was so drawn in and moved by Debie Thomas’s reflections that I devoured this book in an evening.  Much like a simple turn of the diamond, Thomas takesContinue reading “Into the Mess: Book Review”

From Surviving to Thriving

Anxiety and exhaustion can plague us when our resources are in high demand. Using Psalm 139 to guide our reflections, we will explore grounding practices that nurture our wellbeing in the midst of the many caregiving roles we fulfill over on my collaborative devotional project Some Comfort and Joy. In our series introduction, Gwen writes:Continue reading “From Surviving to Thriving”


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