Non-Fiction Recommendations

In addition to reading books in print, on my kindle or listening to audio, another way I keep myself reading, is to always be part way into a book. I generally have a fiction and a non-fiction book going at any one time. 

Some of my top non-fiction recommendations from my reading this year are: 

  • Bomb Shelter by Mary Laura Philpott

Since I enjoyed her first book, I was curious to read this memoir done through a collection of essays. I thought I’d read one a day, but found myself moving from essay to essay in this beautiful collection, always want to read *just one more.*

  • What We Wish Were True by Tallu Quinn

This is an achingly beautiful reflection on life and death as Tallu wrestles with the realities of facing a terminal illness when she is diagnosed with glioblastoma. 

  • Raising Critical Thinkers by Julie Bogart

This manual for working with kids (and stretching yourself!) was a helpful guide for thinking through how to structure learning and conversations to develop critical thinking skills.

  • Overdue by Amanda Oliver

This memoir written from the perspective of a public librarian illuminates the stresses and challenges of library work. Her accounting reveals how privilege continues to shape our experiences of resources. I wasn’t expecting the revealing of how our lack of social safety nets has put pressure and strain on this public institution.

  • Laundry Love by Karin B. Miller & Patric Richardson

A book club pick, this slim volume is full of practical tips and advice wrapped in stories and memories from Patric’s upbringing. All of us are doing something different in our laundry lives thanks to this book. 

  • In Love by Amy Bloom

Reflecting on her husband’s terminal diagnosis and decision to pursue dignified death through accompanied suicide, this is a powerful and haunting memoir about what it can look like to be a caregiving, navigating the preferences and autonomy of another in a culture that is death-adverse.

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