Summer Reading Suggestions

In the first half of 2022, I’ve had surgery, received a cancer diagnosis, started a new job and taken a summer job. (It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine.) 

Rhythm. Balance. Juggle. Pick your metaphor– the only constant has been chaotic uncertainty, which has been a boon for my reading life (as reading is my preferred form of escapism). Yes, I would prefer that working out was my coping mechanism of choice, but alas, I am a bookworm. 

By some accounts, summer is midway over, so perhaps it seems silly to offer some summer reading options. However, as my book buddy and I have been discussing, each season brings its own rhythm– for some of us, summer actually means less reading (kids around, yard work and gardening, later bedtimes since we have more hours of daylight). Whenever you prefer to read (or get to read), I hope you’ll check out some of the top stuff I’ve read lately and let me know your thoughts! 

While I try to always be reading a fiction book, there is something quintessentially summer about a dishy novel or action packed page turner.

Here are my top summer reading suggestions (from what I have read lately): 

  • Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen

I devoured this one in a single day. I love the way Chen unfolds the story, and didn’t see the twist in part two coming, which made me enjoy the book even more. I learned a lot about the high end handbag industry as this story centers around a counterfeit scheme, but I stayed for the interesting commentary on friendship and family relationships. 

  • Book Lovers by Emily Henry

I know, I know. You’ve seen this around everywhere. And for a book lover like me, it’s worth the hype. It’s got travel, a classic rom-com trope and a peek inside the life those working in the publishing world. Perfect poolside reading as you can easily pick up where you left off with this one. 

  • Finlay Donovan is Killing It by Elle Cosimano

If you can suspend your disbelief a bit, this is a delightful murder/comedy?! Is that a thing? While not your typical “beach read” the tone and pace of this book with it’s plucky lead will make you want to know how it’s going to end…(And you can check out the sequel if you love the first: Finlay Donovan Knocks Em Dead)

  • The Arc by Tory Henwood Hoen

This book is a bit slower paced, but the concept and built up was well worth sticking with it. A fantastic book club or buddy read, the romance element and lifestyle of the protagonist are immersive while raising interesting questions about the impact that technology has on our lives and what true love really looks like. 

  • The Party Crasher by Sophie Kinsella

My writing partner introduced me to this author a few years ago, and when I was looking for something light, this book hit the spot. Full of family drama this book made me giggle out loud and warmed my heart with it’s (expected) happy ending. Perfect beach/pool/hammock reading.

  • Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult

I love and have read most of Picoult’s work, so I was surprised when this book diverted 

from her typical pattern. But it’s strong sense of place made it the perfect vacation/summer read. And, the twist at part two…well that’s pure Picoult. I’ll be your buddy read for this one because you’ll want/need to discuss it! 

  • Wahala by Nikki May

Exploring the complexity of female friendship and bringing in a variety of culture and intercultural dynamics, this read will keep you guessing until the end. I devoured this in an afternoon.

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