“What If?” Three Ways

“Mid-life is where dreams go to die,” I told my friend. 

She laughed before realizing I was being serious. 

We were sitting in a modern coffee shop perched halfway up a mountain Morgantown, West Virginia. Nothing like watching college students in their yoga pants and crop tops wandering in and out to make one feel their age. 

My friend Gwen and I had met up for a brief business retreat of sorts. After ordering our cheugy coffee drinks and pastries, we were ready to get down to brass tacks. But the upheaval of the past two years was weighing on me. I couldn’t focus or decide, and so instead of answering her actual question I said what was actually on my mind as I rested my head on the cafe table between us. 

Maybe you disagree with my sentiment. 

Perhaps you have yet to have doors close in your face or dreams turn to ashes. 

Perhaps you are still young enough that there seem to be endless possibilities before you. Perhaps you are an Enneagram 3 or 7. 

Or maybe you are old enough to have more perspective. 

Perhaps you know that, at times falling apart is really breaking open. 

Perhaps you have given thanks for unanswered prayers.

Perhaps you have lived the dream only to realize what you imagined for yourself wasn’t all you thought it would be. 

No matter your current life stage, we all reach a point where we wonder what if

There are forks in the road. 

A yes that means a no to something else. 

Sliding doors. 

Two roads diverge…

Sometime last spring, after hearing so much buzz, I finally read Daisy Jones and the Six, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book that seemed so beyond the genre and styles I would typically gravitate to. And, then I read Malibu Rising this summer (like all the cool kids), and as I do upon finding an author I enjoy, I started reading all of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s backlist. Which is how I happened to end up reading Maybe in Another Life a few weeks ago.. 

At our fall Literary Society meeting, multiple members had been reading The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, and when they described the premise I couldn’t wait to add it to my list. “How strange,” I said, “I just read a book tackling the same topic but in a very different genre!” 

“Well, then,” the host said, “you should also read Dark Matter (Blake Crouch) because it also deals with these themes in a whole other way.” 

And so I did. 

What if three ways: 


science fiction

and thriller. 

Something for everyone. And if you have or do read any or all of these, please let me know what you think. There are some endings I need to discuss…

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Pastor, momma & home baker in the Shenandoah Valley

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