We will rebuild our nest

Because we have

And because it is loving well

We can

And we will

because it is the requirement of (faithful) pilgrimage

We bloom 

(in season)

And  where we are planted

But as seed is scattered 

(by the Spirit’s breath)

We also move to new places

Looking for good soil in which to place our roots

So we will rebuild our nest

We can

And we will

As we have done before

We migrate as the birds

A season here, 

(another there)

A long journey of flapping our wings

Resting in the warmth of the sun 

And in season, flying away again

To (re)build our nest




2 thoughts on “Nest

  1. Oh good! I love to know how it resonates
    for others. I wish I had a better photo…you have a good one that would work but we’re saving that for something else 😉


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